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The Strength of Kodojo:
The Teachers

The key to effective and relationship-rich teaching is through the teacher. This is why the Kodojo school invests its time and resources in supervising them, to ensure the quality of its classes.


Kindness, professionalism and openness are the qualities sought within the Kodojo team.

About Them

Marinella Yule

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My name is Marinella Yule and I am originally from California!


I have taught in person and online since 2016 starting with teaching classes in Prague, Czechia (I am a big traveler).


My lessons stem from my past teaching experience, but also from my own language learning. I had the privilege of learning Spanish and am currently learning French.


Through this, I know the best way to learn a language is through working with topics that are of interest and through conversations.


I look forward to getting to know you and help you reach your English goals!

Brandon nel

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My name is Brandon. I love having projects and finding innovative solutions to complement them.

I love to watch my students grow and develop their skills and knowledge of English.


I have taught students aged between 4 and 12 years old. I am constantly improving my classes by creating new materials, taking additional classes, or doing research.


I work hard to make my classes as fun and engaging as possible.


I'm looking forward to meet you !

Kinni Akpabot

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My name is Kinni. I have taught kids of all ages but specialize in teaching younger students. 


I love meeting people from different parts of the world and I enjoy music, cooking, sewing and reading.


I strive to be kind and patient when teaching and I make lessons fun and engaging using song, toys and props to help my students feel excited about learning English!

I can't wait to start teaching you English! 

Lindo Lindo

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My name is Lindo Lindo(a name so nice, say it twice!). I have taught students of all ages and language levels, but I specialize in teaching younger students.


I am passionate about music. When I am not in the classroom, I spend most of my time listening to pop music and singing songs. I also love to travel! 


I have been to 20 countries so far, and I am looking forward to visiting more in the future.

Music is a universal language, so I always include it in my lessons. It promotes creativity and can even transport us to magical places.


In my classes, the only limit is our imagination!

Jessica carmelo

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My name is Jessica. I have been teaching ESL to children for over three years. I am a patient and creative instructor who enjoys incorporating interests and hobbies into English lessons. 


Outside of the classroom, I am also a musician and a needlework crafter. I often include music and storytelling in my lessons to help with memorization and language immersion. 


If your child can sing, dance, play an instrument or draw, I would love to see their talent! Does your child like Frozen or Marvel movies? We can sing “Let It Go” or talk about our favourite Avengers characters. I believe that language learning is fun and can help make discoveries.


Also, as I teach my students English, my students can teach me something new.

Our Services

Conversation Classes

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Kodojo Conversation Classes are ideal for parents who want:


  • Their child practices English with a caring teacher; 

  • The lessons are fun and motivating;

  • The classes schedule is flexible.

Improvement Classes

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Improvement Classes require a 10-minute consultation with a member of our team and include a personalized program presenting:

  • The targets to be reached;

  • The duration of the program (number and frequency of courses);

  • The price.

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