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Improvement Classes

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Requires a 10-minute consultation

Our improvement classes require a 10-minute consultation with a member of our team and include a personalized program presenting:

  • The targets to be reached;

  • The duration of the program (number and frequency of classes);

  • The price.

Three points will be discussed

Your child's needs


First, we'll discuss your child's learning needs with you. Targeting your child's needs is essential to offer them personalized lessons at their level, with realistic and stimulating challenges that will make them experience success and stimulate their motivation to continue learning English.

The objectives to be achieved


Whether it is to improve a specific skill, for example vocabulary, the ability to converse or even writing texts, Kodojo will be able to offer you concrete, realistic and measurable objectives over time, for you and your child be able to observe their progress in each class.

The frequency of classes

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Kodojo offers variable and adjustable terms and conditions for the class schedule, depending on your availability. Several options are available to you: classes during the week, on weekends, during the day or in the evening, several times a week or on a weekly basis: rest assured that we will find a class schedule that suits you.

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