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Conversation Classes

Practice is key!

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Online English Classes for Kids

Kodojo’s online English conversation classes are ideal for parents who want:


  • Their child practice English with a caring teacher; 

  • Classes that are fun and motivating;

  • A flexible schedule.

The Advantages


A No-Pressure Method

Fun, relationship-based online English courses at your child’s pace.


Flexible Lesson Plans

Achievements in every lesson keeps your child motivated.

A simplified registration process

Thanks to our online store, you can quickly open an account, create your children's profile, and book English classes in our teachers' calendar.

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Step One

Choose the program

Choose the program that meets your child's needs.

Step Two

Choose the Teacher

This choice is important. Take time to read through our teachers’ bios to learn more about them and their interests!.

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Step Three

Reserve Your Schedule

Reserve your classes in the teacher’s calendar.

Step Four

Buy your passes

Buy passes to finalize your child’s English classes.

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Are you ready to register your child?


Amilia our Quebec Partner

To facilitate the sign-up process, Kodojo partnered Amilia, an online platform based in Quebec.


Thanks to our partner, parents can easily open an account to create a profile for their children and then purchases passes for English lessons.

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