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English Classes

for kids from 3 to 12 years old


Online English Classes for Kids

Learning a new language is a boundless adventure where every day is an opportunity to perfect it, whether you are young or old!

And the beauty of language is that anyone can learn it! But, to start your language adventure, there are three things that are required: motivation, perseverance, and quality teaching.


Students will need to have motivation and perseverance on their language journey, but it is up to the teacher and the school to provide quality teaching that supports them.


Here you will find the answer to an essential question: “Is Kodojo right for my child?”


Good reading!

Kodojo's Strength: The Teachers!

The key to effective and relationship-rich teaching is through the teacher. This is why the Kodojo school invests its time and resources in supervising them, in order to ensure the quality of its classes.


Kindness, professionalism and openness are the qualities sought within the Kodojo team.

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Choose your teacher

Choosing a teacher is important. Your child may be nervous about meeting a teacher and this may prevent him or her from fully enjoying this first meeting.


Be sure to click on our teacher’s page to learn more about them!

There are even more benefits

Quality lesson plans

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Kodojo creates its own lesson plans based on play, laughter, and kindness. The activities, contents, and methods used in the courses are exclusive to Kodojo


The Tools

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Kodojo has also developed its tools to ensure the quality of its courses. It's more than a hundred memory cards, exercises, and games that await your child.


Efficient and fast processes

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Thanks to our Quebec partner Amilia, parents can easily open an account to create their children's profiles. From then on, parents can purchase passes allowing them to book online classes easily and quickly.


Our Services


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Kodojo's online English conversation classes are ideal for parents who want:


  • Their child to practice English with a caring teacher; 

  • Classes that are fun and motivationg;

  • A flexible schedule.


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Refresher courses require a 10-minute consultation with a member of our team and include a personalized program presenting:

  • The targets to be reached;

  • The duration of the program (number and frequency of courses);

  • The price.

Get 100% of the Kodojo advantage

Would you like to receive tips for teaching English to your children at home? 

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